Raymond Realty Chembur: Welcomes You

As you step into the world of Raymond Realty Chembur, you are greeted with a sense of grandeur and finesse. The meticulously designed spaces and lush green surroundings welcome you to a life of luxury that exceeds all expectations.

Raymond Realty Chembur is not just a residential project; it's a lifestyle statement. Every corner exudes sophistication and attention to detail, promising residents an unparalleled living experience like no other.

From the moment you enter the premises, you can feel the aura of exclusivity and elegance that sets Raymond Realty Chembur apart from the ordinary. It's not just a place to live; it's a sanctuary where every moment is crafted for comfort and joy.

Whether you're relaxing in your lavish apartment or exploring the exquisite amenities, Raymond Realty Chembur invites you to embrace a life filled with beauty, tranquility, and unmatched luxury.

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Raymond Realty Chembur: Why to Choose

Raymond Realty Chembur is a top choice for those seeking luxury living in Mumbai. The project stands out for its impeccable design, premium amenities, and prime location.

Choosing Raymond Realty Chembur means investing in a lifestyle that blends sophistication with comfort. With spacious apartments and elegant finishes, every corner exudes class and style.

Moreover, the project boasts a range of modern amenities such as a swimming pool, gymnasium, landscaped gardens, and more – offering residents the ultimate in convenience and leisure options right at their doorstep.

Beyond just being a residential complex, Raymond Realty Chembur represents a community where like-minded individuals come together to create lasting connections. It's not just about buying a home; it's about becoming part of an exclusive enclave that values quality living above all else.

Raymond Realty Chembur: Amenities

Raymond Realty Chembur offers an array of luxurious amenities that cater to the needs and desires of its residents. From a state-of-the-art fitness center to a sparkling swimming pool, every detail has been carefully designed to enhance the lifestyle of those who call this place home.

For fitness enthusiasts, there is a well-equipped gym with modern equipment where you can work up a sweat and stay in shape. If relaxation is more your style, then head over to the spa and indulge in some rejuvenating treatments after a long day at work.

Outdoor lovers will appreciate the beautifully landscaped gardens and jogging tracks where they can unwind amidst nature's beauty. For those who enjoy socializing, there are community spaces like clubhouses and party halls perfect for hosting gatherings with friends and family.

Security is also top-notch here with 24/7 surveillance systems and trained staff ensuring the safety of all residents. With amenities like these, Raymond Realty Chembur truly sets itself apart as a premier residential destination.

Raymond Realty Chembur: Master Plan and Floor Plan

Raymond Realty Chembur has meticulously designed its master plan and floor plan to cater to the needs of modern homebuyers. The layout is thoughtfully crafted, keeping in mind functionality and aesthetics. Each unit is strategically placed to maximize natural light and ventilation, creating a bright and airy living space.

The floor plans offer a variety of options, from spacious 2 BHK apartments to luxurious penthouses, ensuring there's something for everyone. Whether you're looking for a cozy nest or a grand abode, Raymond Chembur has it all covered.

With attention to detail in every corner, the master plan integrates green spaces, recreational areas, and essential amenities seamlessly into the community. Residents can enjoy well-planned common areas that promote social interactions and a sense of belonging.

Raymond Realty Chembur's master plan and floor plan showcase excellence in urban design and architecture, setting new standards for luxury living in Mumbai's vibrant suburb of Chembur.

Master plan:

Master Plan

Floor Plan:

floor plan1

2 BHK - Coming Soon.

floor plan1

3 BHK - Coming Soon.

Raymond Realty Chembur: Price

Interested in investing in a luxury residential project in Chembur, Mumbai? Raymond Realty Chembur offers a range of pricing options to suit your budget and preferences. The prices vary based on the size, layout, and amenities of the apartments available.

Whether you are looking for a cozy 1 BHK or a spacious 3 BHK apartment, Raymond Realty Chembur has something for everyone. The pricing is competitive considering the premium location and top-notch facilities provided by the project.

With flexible payment plans and financing options available, owning your dream home at Raymond Realty Chembur is more achievable than you think. Contact their sales team to get detailed information about current prices, special offers, and any ongoing promotions.

Investing in real estate is not just about buying a property; it's about securing your future and creating a space you can truly call home. Choose Raymond Realty Chembur for an unparalleled living experience that combines luxury with comfort seamlessly.

Unit Type SIZE (Carpet) Sq.ft PRICE (in ₹)
2BHK 2T On Request ₹ On Request
3BHK On Request ₹ On Request

Raymond Realty Chembur: Location and Map

Nestled in the heart of Chembur, Mumbai, Raymond Realty offers a prime location for luxury living. The vibrant neighborhood is known for its excellent connectivity to key areas across the city. Residents can enjoy easy access to schools, hospitals, shopping centers, and recreational facilities within close proximity.

The strategic location ensures hassle-free commuting with well-connected roads and public transportation options nearby. Whether it's heading to work or exploring the city's attractions, residents at Raymond Realty Chembur have convenience at their doorstep.

For those who appreciate green spaces amidst urban living, Chembur boasts beautiful parks and gardens where one can unwind and rejuvenate. The tranquil surroundings offer a welcome escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Explore the interactive map below to discover all that Raymond Realty Chembur has to offer in terms of location advantages and amenities!

Raymond Realty Properties

72 Mn Sq.Ft.

Under Development and Planning Stages


Homes Delivered

43 +

Million Square Feet Area

Raymond Realty is a renowned name in the real estate industry, known for its commitment to excellence and quality craftsmanship. Their properties are a testament to luxury living, offering modern amenities and exquisite design elements. With a focus on creating spaces that elevate lifestyle standards, Raymond Realty's properties stand out for their attention to detail and innovation.

Each property by Raymond Realty is thoughtfully planned and executed, ensuring that residents experience utmost comfort and convenience in every aspect of their home. From spacious layouts to premium finishes, every detail is carefully curated to provide a luxurious living experience.

Whether you are looking for a cozy apartment or a sprawling penthouse, Raymond Realty has something for everyone. Their diverse portfolio caters to different preferences and requirements, making it easy for buyers to find their dream home with ease. Explore Raymond Realty properties today and discover the epitome of luxury living.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Raymond Chembur Mumbai stands out as an exclusive residential haven, seamlessly combining opulent living spaces, state-of-the-art facilities, and a strategic setting in one of Mumbai's most desirable locales.
A: Yes, Raymond Chembur Mumbai offers a variety of apartment sizes to cater to different preferences and requirements.
A: Located in the dynamic neighborhood of Chembur, Raymond Chembur Mumbai affords its inhabitants unparalleled access to a variety of shopping centers, top-tier educational institutions, state-of-the-art healthcare facilities, and more, enhancing the convenience and quality of urban living.
A: Raymond Chembur impressive array of facilities includes a refreshing swimming pool, a well-equipped fitness center, indulgent spa amenities, a vibrant area designated for children's play, and a versatile hall suitable for various events and social gatherings, among other exceptional features.

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